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  1. Untitled (The Sign) 


    Digital C-print, disappearing ink on watercolor paper

    38 x 30.4 cm

    38 x 15 cm

    A set of two

    Derived from the artist's personal experience, Untitled (The Sign) is conceived on his road trip across Faroe Islands. Out of his fascination for the fast-changing nature of the landscape, the artist subtly notices how the shifting weather covertly and relentlessly leaves traces on the backside of the man-made object stood alongside the road, making it a dynamic piece that is incessantly affected by the surrounding atmospheric conditions. By erasing its communicative functions, the road sign becomes a landscape in itself and together with the fading text as juxtaposed it eloquently sets up the work’s conceptual parameters — how it simultaneously records a state and yet soon gets overridden, drawing an analogy to weather data, traces left on the signage, nature of image-making and c-print process per se.