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  1. I am the reflection in You


    Single-channel digital video projection (colour, sound)

    09 min. 32 sec.

    Presence is achieved, rather than given. Set within a modest setting, alone in our homes located in different time zones and cities, connected predominantly by engaging the concurrent undertaking linked up with the imitation of gestures, bodily movements, and the words of one other in front of our respective built-in cameras, and at intervals took turns to lead the echoic interaction, emphasizing the semantic and somatic connections and affinities the bodies can make. Additionally John Cage’s musical composition 4’33’’ is looped in unison through a group session from a digital music streaming platform, the expressive potential of chance and sudden burst of sound are thereby being invoked. Regardless of the tremendous corporeal and geographical yet immediate digital distances between us, the interplay of presence and absence bonds us with each other and together an echoic dialogue of proximity, reiteration, delay, simultaneity, (dis)connection and a sense of being-with is engendered. In return, the improvised performance and the resulting pieces are the phenomenological search in relation to everyday aesthetics, long-distance realtionalities, reflections of lived experiences, and varieties of presence that are not confined inside the frames but also the physical spaces outside. 

    Performance in collaboration with Kara Lind Johnsdóttir, 2023

    View the video here

  2. Here, There / +0HRS, +8HRS


    Single-channel HD digital video (colour, silent), light bulb, Arduino

    09 min. 32 sec.

  3. Untitled (Skipasund)


    Inkjet print Hahnemühle photo paper on wooden board dolly, fluorescent tubes

    Dimensions variable