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  1. Framing


    Inkjet Print Hahnemühle photo paper, synthetic resin on iron plate

    120 x 80 cm

    24 x 18 cm

    A set of two

    Interlaced photography with found object, Framing (2023) poses multiple questions linked up with the nature of the medium. First carefully measured with the closest focusing distance on a macro lens, the black paint is then applied directly on the metal plate and then photographed it, subsequently placing the resultant enlarged image alongside the object in the original form. With the interplay between the blown-up photograph and found object it elevates a sense of proportion that embodies the idea of juxtaposition, underscoring the perception of scale which goes against the preconceived notion of photography as a truthful medium. The work further undertakes to address the image-making practice in which all photographic images are formed in the inherent act of framing, it thus suggests what is included and excluded are continuously taking place in the medium’s foundation.