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  1. Once/Forever


    Archival inkjet print on art papers; inkjet print on photo paper; digital print on card stocks

    Set of Two, 60 x 60 cm each; 40.6 x 72 cm; 9.0 x 5.4 cm

    WONG Yik Yee (b.2001) and WU Lok Hang (b.2000) have developed an interest in the dynamics of interrelationships between individuals in connection with personal settings situated in specific locales. Through extensive discourses, self-reflection, and everyday experiences, together they have created a work that takes the form of contact sheets in which shows an undertaking of walking around and an act of waiting around. Additionally a set of two hundred name cards with quick-response codes embedded is set as a pathway between two frames in the space, where it redirects to a custom point in Google Maps, of which the two entitled it as 後花園 (hau6 faa1 jyun4, literally means back garden) that delineates their starting and ending points of this project, with an unspecified amount of photographs have been uploaded to Google cloud database which allows the public to access at anytime and anywhere, and most importantly, however the tangible transformations of the area would be down the road, these timeless photographs will perpetually be documented and preserved in that particular marked point. Alongside the virtual approach, a printed map is hung physically with the juxtaposition of pinpointed holes on the surface which indicate their corporeal routes during the image-making process. In such a way, the associated and their mumbling connections in relation to the environs, have subtly been brought forth.