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  1. I shall leave you presently as there are no such things as past and future


    postage stamp, gel ink, graphite, dust, creases, smudges, splotches on index cards

    Set of 31, 3 x 5 inches each

    Nearly all of us measure time within the concepts of past, present, and future. But is that the case? In this work three actions: að skrifa (write), að senda (send), and að fá (receive); along with the multilayer traces of lines, spaces, scripts, notations, denial; and the dust, creases, smudges, splotches, refutation that were accumulated through postal service — were sequentially deconstructed and explored. In return the materiality of impaired surfaces face questions regarding the ontological relationships between language, time, and reality.

    Each handwritten index card was posted from Posting Box No. 133 to his home in Hong Kong over the course of 31 days.

    View the documentations here and here